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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mother knows best

Anita Renfroe runs through some motherly advice in her Mom Song ...
make new friends
clean up after you
pay attention
be respectful
be careful
play fair
wait your turn
never take a dare
say thank you, please, excuse me
if all your friends jumped off a cliff would you jump too?
What happens when we grow up? Do we leave this advice behind along with our lego and paper dolls as kid stuff? Or do we take it as the basis for civil society?

The sheer weight of insults and lies thrown around in public discourse about policy response to climate change shows that many never heard their mother's call for attentive, respectful, fair dealings.

But worse than the insults and denigration, climate change deniers are embracing risky behaviour. They are ready to jump off a cliff and drag us with them.

Taking our mothers' advice, we clean up after ourselves, pay attention, act respectfully and refrain from jumping off cliffs. 
Mother Love, the ultimate renewable.
Dominique Browning of Moms Clean Air Force


News on the Transformation tab.

South Korea is channelling 2% of its GDP into its Green Growth Plan. The Plan aims to reduce total GHG emissions by 30% of BAU by 2020 and outlines a transition path to a low-carbon economy. Australia is one of 15 partner countries in the Global Green Growth Institute, initiated by South Korea. Source: GGGI