Scientific and technical communication is full of facts and figures, however a neat comparison, metaphor or analogy in the right place can help to get ideas across.

This blog tracks the journey to the low carbon future using metaphors.

The Suggestions page is where you can share your examples and metaphors. 

The Take Action page suggests things individuals can do to hasten the journey to the low carbon economy.

The Books/films/creative page lists some works that I find relevant and useful.

The Transformation page records news of real-world progress.

"Metaphor is a device for seeing something in terms of something else. It brings out the thisness of a that, or the thatness of a this."
(Kenneth Burke, A Grammar of Motives, 1945)

In Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, Chip and Dan Heath ask, "Are ideas born interesting or made interesting?" Their book shows how to nurture ideas so they'll succeed in the world. So here we are at Thisness of a That, nurturing ideas that are interesting.


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