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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boxing a glacier

Here is Stephen Colbert talking about Jesse Jackson.

You can ask him anything, but he's going to say what he wants at the pace that he wants. It's like boxing a glacier. Enjoy that metaphor, because your grandchildren will have no idea what a glacier is.
White House Correspondents' Dinner, April 29, 2006

Climate change is a lot like Jesse Jackson. You can say what you want, but it keeps happening at the pace it wants.

Mother Nature is just chemistry, biology and physics. That's all she is. You cannot sweet-talk her. You cannot spin her. You cannot tell her that the oil companies say climate change is a hoax. No, Mother Nature is going to do whatever chemistry, biology and physics dictate. Mother Nature always bats last, and she always bats 1.000.

Oh, and the glaciers keep retreating. The National Snow and Ice Data Centre says that "Since the early twentieth century, with few exceptions, glaciers around the world have been retreating at unprecedented rates."